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Radiators and Heated Rails Articles

Hydronic towel warmers are perfect for your bathroom

October 29, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Gill

If you are planning to install towel warmers in your bathroom then a good option is to go for Hydronic towel warmers.

Hydronic towel warmers are operated through the hot water heating system at your home. The rails of Hydronic warmers are easily installed with unique pump systems. They are usually preferred when there is a recirculating system in the house or a hot water boiler.

The advantages of Hydronic Towel Warmers are as follows:

They are energy efficient and quick in warming, as they can warm up within a few minutes. You can locate Hydronic towel warmers anywhere in the bathroom because they do not have electric heating elements.

Styles of Hydronic Towel Warmers

Hydronic towel warmers go well with all bathrooms and they are not only used for heating purposes but they also enhance the décor of your bathroom. These warmers are available in various designs and each of them can add a new look to your bathroom. Hydronic towel warmers are made up of different materials like polished chrome, brass, polished and brushed nickel and satin.

One of the most popular Hydronic towel warmers is a spaced cross bar warmer as they are ideal for large towels and even for blankets. With some towel warmers, there are shelves which provide extra storage.

Lastly, there are loads of models to choose from like arched top warmers, mid sized warmers and floor mounted towel warmers.

Add luxury and style to your bathroom with heated towel rails

October 27, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Derrick

In recent times, the bathroom has become more than just a place where we clean ourselves. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are beginning to make their bathrooms a more lavish place by installing bathroom appliances such as heated towel rails, stainless steel radiators, towel warmers, designer radiators, electric towel rails, and column radiators. These amazing products have made people’s everyday lives much more luxurious and exciting.

Heated towel rails have become a very popular bathroom appliance. They allow you to dry yourself with a warm and soft towel, which can help to get rid of body aches and the feeling of tiredness. Heated towel rails are very easy to install; they are simply connected to the mains electricity supply and can then be operated using a single switch.

Another type of heated towel rail is the radiator. This is plumbed into the domestic heating system in the same way that a standard household radiator is installed. The radiator is warmed by a heat supply and after a short time; it will produce and radiate the required amount of heat into your bathroom.

Cast iron radiators are a more traditional form of radiator. They are well known for their superior heat output, which lasts for a long period of time even after the switch has been turned off.

Heated towel rails and cast iron radiators are usually found in hotels, company houses and hospitals; but you can now get one in your very own home.

Heated towel rails add warmth and style to your bathroom

October 26, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Gill

People can feel really tired after a hectic day at work. At such times, nothing could be better than a warm bath to end the day. Imagine wrapping up in a cold towel after a warm bath - all that relaxation will be zapped away. In the past, towels were heated in front of the fire. However, technology has introduced heated towel rails.

Heated towel rails are perfect for contemporary bathrooms. They are similar to traditional household radiators but are stylish and can compliment your bathroom perfectly. Those radiators provide warmth to the home or a particular room, whereas, heated towel rails provide warmth within the bathroom.

Heated towel rails do a lot more than just heating the towel. They are a great tool to store towels. This helps to free up space that was otherwise occupied by towels. You can use this vacant space for other productive purposes.

Heated towel rails look splendid as they are finished in chrome. They give the bathroom a stylish and modern feel.

So, install a heated towel rail in your bathroom today and be witness to the comfortable change.

Install electric towel rails in your bathroom

October 25, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Derrick

Electric towel rails are the new accessories for modern bathrooms. The bathroom is the best place to do away with all your stress and tiredness and warming towel rails can help you to enhance your relaxation in the bathroom. Wrapping yourself in a warm towel after taking a bath is the best way to soothe your body. Towel rails keep your towels warm and can give an extraordinary look to your bathroom.

Here a few benefits of electric towel rails:

Electric towel rails are easy to install and provide great warmth to your bathroom. Because these towel rails work on electricity they can work independently from your central heating system. You can use them comfortably in summers too, when your central heating system is not in use.

Damp towels can act as breeding grounds for germs and this problem can be easily prevented by using electric towel rails.

Electric towel rails are available in different sizes. You can select the size according to the size of your bathroom and in relation to the number of people using it and its heating capacity. Designer electric towel rails are also a great option as they are stylish and add an element of class.

A bathroom without a plush electric towel rail can look really unappealing. So if you want the desired comfort and style in your bathroom, install a towel rail today.

Towel warmers enhance the look of your bathroom

October 23, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Derrick

Anyone would love to wake up to the lavishness of a dry and warm towel in their bathroom every morning. In fact, the feeling of using soft and a warm towel is so great that it makes you to look forward to have a bath even during the chilling winter days. If your bathroom is made of tile or stone, there is the possibility wherein it may become really cold in the winter mornings.

During the winter days, when your bathroom becomes too cold, towel warmers can be of great use. They are great for bathrooms, especially ones which are not adequately ventilated. If there are any guests visiting your place, they are sure to comment on how inviting and warm your bathroom is. So, during the winter, towel warmers help to keep your towel warm and dry along with an added luxury to your household.

Apart from adding special flair to your bathroom, towel warmers are highly functional and extremely useful. Towel warmers greatly help in keeping your hand and bath towels free from odour and moisture, thus keeping them clean and fresh. Also, during the summer months, humidity can also be eliminated with the help of towel warmers.

Towel warmers can also be used to warm your delicate clothing like lingerie, bathing suits, mittens and gloves. Although towel warmers are not exactly used for the purpose of heating up your room, they definitely help to keep your bathroom snug and warm. So, if you want comfort and style in your bathroom, towel warmers are the best options.

Electric towel warmers are very popular

October 22, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Paulina

Towel warmers are specially designed to dry towels and they are safe to operate. Towel warmers can be either wall mounted or free standing. They are not only used for drying towels but they are also used to dry winter or delicate clothes. The heat of towel warmers is reliable and safe.

The materials which are used in making towel warmers are nickel, polished chrome, brass, stainless steel and polished brass. These materials make the towel warmers safe and they help the warmer to get the required temperature quickly.

There are two types of towel warmers such as electric towel warmers and hydronic towel warmers. Here is some information on electric towel warmers:

Electric Towel Warmers

Electric towel warmers are one of the most popular varieties which are used. These towel warmers heat up using an internal electric heating element such as curling iron.

Free standing electric warmers – Free standing electric warmers can be easily plugged into any electric outlet. It works like any other built-in home appliance. Electric warmers take only few minutes for heating. Free standing electric warmers are available in different types and styles. These warmers have one added advantage in that they can be moved from one room to another.

Wall mounted electric warmers – Wall mounted radiators are available in three different types such as: plug-in, hardwired radiators and swivelling radiators. Swivelling radiators are becoming very popular, as you can remove the rails when you want to. All of them are available in different styles and finishes.

Thus, electric towel warmers are used as they are cheaper and easy to operate than any other system.

Towel warmers are a must have for home improvement

October 20, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Gill

One of the most common changes made to home improvement today is changes in your bathroom. The whole idea of doing home improvement is to make life more comfortable and luxurious. Towel warmers are a very good option to consider when you are going to improve or redesign your home and bathroom.

Towel warmers help keep your towels warm, allowing you to have a nice, soft and warm towel every time you get out of the bath or shower. Towel warmers also help in the drying of hand-washable linen.

Towel warmers add style and class to your bathrooms and make them more appealing. Towel warmers come in unique styles and forms. Towel warmers also come with a unique configuration and different methods of installation. They allow for hardwiring or even simply connecting to the nearest electric output.

Some of the other popular designs include floor mounting, wall mounting, metallic, brass plated and chrome plated. It also allows for customisation according to your requirements and space and thus makes perfect the appearance of your bathroom.
Towel warmers are also seen as environment friendly products. They use less energy and thus help you curtail on your electric bills as they use up to only around 10% of power when compared to your regular clothes dryer.

Electric towel rails that make showers more enjoyable in winter

October 18, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Gill

Radiators have recently become a luxury as well as a necessity. This is due to the invention of designer radiators. There are also heated towel rails that make your bathroom look smarter while also offering utility. They provide you with nice, warm towels after you have a hot shower. You do not have to feel cold and wet after you have a shower. You can dry yourself with a hot towel or robe.

These heated towel rails have become very popular recently and have been seen in many bathrooms of late. They make a shower more enjoyable. During the cold months of winter it may be very difficult to even take a shower. This is because once you have finished having a hot shower you have to face the cold. There are also electric towel rails that just need to be connected to a plug socket and switched on. By the time you finish taking your shower the towel or bath robe placed on the electric towel rail will be warm and toasty. In this way, you do not have to feel cold and uncomfortable.

The electric towel rail is the best way for you to take a shower in such conditions. This is the reason why a lot of people choose to install heated towel rails in their bathrooms. Hence, a heated towel rail is the best thing for you to install in your bathroom.

Heated towel rails

October 14, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Gill

Heated towel rails have become very popular among homeowners. They are not only classed as a heating tool however but are now considered as stylish accessories. Heated towel rails are available in different styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colours but if you are planning to buy heated towel rails for your bathroom, here a few tips.

There are two types of heated towel rails to choose from, they are:

Plumbed-in rail: These heated towel rails are plumbed into the central heating system. These towel rails operate only when the central heating system is switched on and if the necessary pipe work is available. The best thing about these heated towel rails is that they are available at cheaper prices than other types of rails.

Electric heated rails: These towel rails offer an advantage over plumbed-in rails. They work independently from the central heating system. You can switch them on or off depending on the climate outside. They are ideal if you do not have the relevant pipe work in your home but are a little more expensive than the plumbed-in heated towel rails.

These are the different types of heated towel rails available so select the right one and enjoy warm towels after you bathe.

Why should you install the heated towel rail?

October 13, 2009
Posted in Towel Rails — Written by Gill

Gone are the days when you had to have a bath in the cold early mornings and suffer the cold when you get out. In today’s contemporary world, everything is modernised. And there are plenty of accessories to help make our lives more pleasant.

Whether you are a student, an office worker, an elderly person or someone who cannot bear the cold, the heated towel rail is necessary.

For most people, the bathroom is the most special place as it offers peace and comfort to them when they are stressed or strained.

Features of heated towel rails:

• Heated towel rails offer the desired warmth and cosiness that one requires by offering a soft and warm towel that proves to be very refreshing after a bath.
• Heated towel rails are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and you can choose from them depending on the requirement of your bathroom.
• Heated towel rails are a stainless steel construction which is offered in various styles and finishes to match the fixtures and hardware of your bathroom.
• The heated towel rails get warmed up in minutes and will make your towel warm, giving you a refreshing feel when you wrap the warm towel on your body.

Moreover, the process of installing the heated towel rails consumes very little time and energy. So why not install the heated towel rail to give you a soothing feel after a nice refreshing bath.

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